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    eSports Boxing Club is a realistic boxing game made from the ground-up with the professional boxing community. In ESBC, you will rise through the Amateur system, going through the professional ranks to win the coveted Lonsdale Belt, then going onto Continental and World titles featuring officially licensed governing bodies. Not only will you be levelling up your fighter through winning fights, you will also have to hire your own staff - Trainer, Cut-man, Nutritionist and Promotor. There are also real-life boxing gyms in ESBC, each with their own fight styles and traits. Choose your own path towards a World Title, will you go through the ranks and not 'duck' anyone? Or choose your fights as risk-free as possible. Each decision will have consequences for your career. In the ESBC Tournament - You will have the chance to be crowned the eWBC Champion of the World, with the physical belt being sanctioned by the World Boxing Council.

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    Avaliação geral 0 / 100
    Número de avaliações 0
    Modos de jogo Single player, Multiplayer
    Pontos de vista do jogo Third person
    Classificações indicativas ESRB: rating pending
    Coleção N/A
    Data de lançamento 2023

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