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    The Evil Mahi Mahi returns, as the Poulet Adventure comes from Fantasy-Consoles to your PC. Poulet Poulet is a simple but unique action Platformer. Each level is hand-crafted and play-tested to challenging and delightful perfection. Half Chicken, half-pinball, Poulet can beak-smash foes and bounce off of them, flying towards the next foe for a score-multiplying combo (or maybe to an untimely end!) Victory awaits at the end of 32 (or more?) 2D stages across 8 worlds just like the platformer classics of back in the day. Set high scores, set speed-run records, and maybe discover a secret or two.

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    Avaliação geral 0 / 100
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    Modos de jogo Single player
    Pontos de vista do jogo Side view
    Classificações indicativas N/A
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    Data de lançamento 2021
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