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    Passage: A Job Interview Simulator!

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    Passage: A Job Interview Simulator! An intense visual novel adventure based on real-life experiences! Did you know that job interviews are one of the scariest moments of one’s life? As a recent college graduate, you are desperately looking for a job in your field. After several rejections and constant nightmares about your experiences, you find hope. Your roommate, a beloved pet cat, transforms into an ancient Egyptian god to assist you! With his powers, you can learn everything you need to know about nabbing your dream job. He can stop time, allowing you to think before making your choices! Navigate standard interview questions and weird brain teasers in intense scenes. Discover the truth behind your nightmares and unveil the dark secrets kept by employers everywhere! Will you nail the interview process and impress your future employer? Or will you fall into a void of darkness? An interview can mean life or death these days.

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    Ocena ogólna 0 / 100
    Liczba ocen 0
    Tryby gry Single player
    Perspektywa w grze First person
    Klasyfikacja wiekowa ESRB: teen
    Kolekcja N/A
    Data premiery 2023

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