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    Journey‍ '​s story is told wordlessly through in-game and pre-rendered cutscenes. The player's character begins on a sand dune in a seemingly endless desert. In the far distance looms a large, foreboding mountain with a glowing crevice that splits its peak. As the character approaches the mountain, they find remnants of a once-thriving civilization, eroded by sand over time. Scattered throughout the ruins at the end of each area are stones at which the traveler rests; these give the traveler the vision of meeting a larger, white-robed figure in a circular room, with art on the walls describing the rise and fall of the civilization, mirroring the player's journey.The player continues to journey deeper into the remains of a once sprawling city at the base of the mountain. Eventually making it safely to the mountain, the traveler begins to climb it, struggling as they enter the colder climates and encounter deep snow and high winds. With the crevice still a fair distance away, the t...

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    Overall rating 89 / 100
    Rating count 870
    Game modes Single player, Co-operative
    Game points of views Third person, Side view
    Age ratings ESRB: everyone, PEGI: 7 & more
    Collection N/A
    Release date 2012

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