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    A Hat in Time

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    Jump freely around in 5 massive worlds with new adventures to discover around every corner! Just like any child, Hat Kid loves to climb and explore, no mountain is too big for her sense of adventure. She can do multiple jump moves, as well as climb walls, and swing over gaps! By finding and collecting rare magical yarn, Hat Kid can stitch new cute hats with a variety of abilities, including a witch hat that allows her to cook explosive concoctions, and a wooden ghost mask that allows her to peek into other dimensions. Hats can become even more powerful, by attaching badges that are found, sold and traded by the locals! A Hat in Time was successfully funded on Kickstarter, reaching nearly 10 times its goal! In order to celebrate our community, A Hat in Time is releasing with full modding and Steam Workshop support, an in-game screenshot mode, and more!..

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    Valutazione generale 81 / 100
    Numero di valutazioni 184
    Modalità di gioco Single player, Multiplayer, Co-operative, Split screen
    Punti di vista del gioco First person, Third person
    Valutazione età PEGI: 7 & more, ESRB: teen
    Collezione N/A
    Data di rilascio 2017

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