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    There are six factions in the game: Haven, Inferno, Necropolis, Dungeon, Sylvan and Academy. Haven Campaign Haven is a faction populated by humans and ruled by religious warlords, the Holy Griffin Empire propagates "Law and Order" and faith in Elrath, the Dragon of Light, as their supreme goals. Arising from their military tradition, they have the ability to train their soldiers, promoting them from one level to another. They are the primary protagonists of the game's campaign missions. Their main Heroes are young Queen Isabel and faithful Godric, the king's uncle and the top general for the Griffin Empire. An unexpected demon invasion interrupts the wedding of King Nicolai of the Griffin Empire and Lady Isabel, and soon the forces of the Griffin Empire are at war with the demons of Sheogh. With Nicolai at the front, Isabel is sent, along with the abbess Beatrice, to the Summer Palace, where they are guarded by Godric, the King's uncle. Isabel persuades Godric to let her take part in ...

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    Overall rating 80 / 100
    Rating count 185
    Game modes Single player, Multiplayer
    Game points of views Bird view / Isometric
    Age ratings ESRB: teen, PEGI: 12 & more
    Collection heroes-of-might-and-magic
    Release date 2006
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