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    The current website is not error free. If you encounter a problem using Cdkeybay video game and digital product prices comparison site you can contact Us. But before you do, please make sure you have fully read the content of this page.

    I cannot find the product I am looking for on your site

    It is totally normal. We are not selling the digital goods ourselves, but we are listing them. This means that you will have to click on the item you are interested in and then buy it from the merchant selling it. Terms and conditions of those platforms are different from one to another. Read them before making a purchase.

    I bought the wrong product

    If you bought a product by mistake, please contact the seller directly as we do not offer an after sales service.

    The product I bought activation is restricted

    Before buying a product, be sure you can activate it in the country you are living, some products are geographically restricted and you might not be able to activate them. If so, please contact the seller directly for a refund.

    I don't know how to get refunded

    To get refunded for a product you didn't buy on purpose, please contact the merchant that Cdkeybay redirected you to.

    I cannot find the product I look for on your compare site

    We are constantly updating Our database to provide you with the newest digital products, including video games, software and content cards. If you don't find a product in Our system, please contact Us and we will review your message. If your suggestion is relevant to Our offerings, we will add it.

    The price displayed for the product I am looking for is wrong

    Some currency conversions can lead to incorrect prices. However, the price difference should not exceed 1 or 2 percent from the dealer's price. If you find any error in Our listings, please contact Us as quickly as possible and we will fix it immediately.