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    Flippin Kaktus is an action-packed adventure with platformer elements featuring a spiky hero with the thorny past.When the vicious drug cartel raids his home, he breaks bad in a hardcore journey to save his foster family.Reveal the dark side of the wacky 80s punk and flip the switch to obliterate anyone in his path.Break BADWhen you fight against the vicious raiders, the end justifies the extreme. Switch Kaktus into a rage mode with tequila and adrenaline-pumping substances to annihilate the thugs.Or keep a COOL headStrategize and challenge your reflexes: dodge bullets, equip various armor, set ambushes and make use of the interactive environment to sabotage the enemies. Forklift lowrider? It’s on!In ADDICTIVE gameplayNever get bored with endless tactical possibilities (and explosions)! Excel in action by mixing stealth and dexterity with rage-fueled killing sprees to dominate your enemies.Sending NOSTALGIC vibes...11 unique locations with memorable design and hand-crafted levels ins...

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    Overall rating 0 / 100
    Rating count 0
    Game modes Single player
    Game points of views Side view
    Age ratings PEGI: 16 & more, ESRB: mature
    Collection N/A
    Release date 2022

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