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    Our goal is to give you the best video game cd key deals

    price comparison website

    The Cdkeybay's purpose is to offer worldwide video game players the digital goods they want at the best price. At the same time, we give video game merchants the visibility they deserve. We are currently supporting four devices: PC, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. This pool of devices will be modified according to future console releases to broaden access to current market products.

    A constantly updated digital code system for PC and consoles

    Our database is updated hourly to maintain the accuracy of the information and price of new releases and digital products sold by Our partner merchants.

    Product type detection and processing

    We use machine learning to automatically detect the listed product type. It can be a video game, software, a DLC, a bundle, an ingame content card or a prepaid card. When automation is not possible, we manually update the products.

    Product price detection and processing

    We aim to be the most accurate video game price comparison platform. We gather the digital product price in the main merchant's website currency, then converting it into the user's preferred currency in real time using the daily currency rate.

    Powerful video game search engine

    Cdkeybay includes a powerful and accurate search engine that will help you find the desired product. Rankings are determined by aggregated ratings from various sources and machine learning.

    Relevant aggregated video game ration system

    We gather video game ratings from various sources such as Ign, Jeuxvideos, Meristation, Opencritic, Gamekult and Metacritic. Those ratings are frequently updated to reflect the gamers general opinion.

    Minimalistic advertisement free interface

    Cdkeybay is not running advertisements. This means no big banners, videos, and popups despite the market trend. Our focus lies in staying light, clean, and user friendly.