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    Our adversaries tonight? An unscrupulous group of scoundrels and rogues, rumoured to possess an unlimited fund between them. If we stick to the strategies you’ve learnt, this will be a walkover." - Comte de Saint-GermainCheat your way to the top of 18th-century French society. Master deceptions using card marking, false shuffles, deck switching, false deals, and more! Use your ill-gotten gains to buy your way into the closed world of high-stakes tables.Uncover a conspiracy as you climb from local card parlors to the King's table. A word of advice: Don't get caught. Your fellow gamblers do not take kindly to cheats...Travel through 18th century France and discover small towns, remote mansions, and luxurious lounges.

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    Overall rating 88 / 100
    Rating count 3
    Game modes Single player
    Game points of views Third person, Side view
    Age ratings ESRB: teen
    Collection N/A
    Release date 2022

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