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    Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition

    Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition cheap cd keys

    Action & adventure Switch

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    50.16$ $59.99
    The story of Xenoblade Chronicles starts off by showing the battle between Mechonis and Bionis, two gods fighting for all eternity. They continue to fight until Bionis cuts off Mechonis' left hand, and then both of their swords pierce each other at the same time. Eons later, life flourished on top of these gods, but the battle waged between Mechonis and Bionis would be continued by their progeny, Bionis' Homs and Mechonis' Mechon.

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    Overall rating 91 / 100
    Rating count 8
    Game modes Single player
    Game points of views Third person
    Age ratings ESRB: teen, PEGI: 12 & more
    Collection xenoblade
    Release date 2020

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